2022 Guest Rates


18 Hole Rates  Green Fee 1/2 Cart
Regular Guest (Opening to 12:52am) $95.00 $20.00
Afternoon Drive (1:00pm-3:52pm) $99.00 Cart Included
Twilight (4pm - Close) $50.00 $20.00
Junior Rate (restrictions apply) $34.00 $20.00

Dress Code

All guests are required to uphold the dress code of the Club as follows:

  • Men's golf shirts are required to have collars and sleeves, mock turtlenecks are acceptable as well.
  • Ladies' golf shirts are required to have either collars or sleeves.
  • Pants (slacks preferred) must be tailored & in good repair.
  • Shorts must be tailored, in good repair & reasonable length
  • No tank or muscle shirts.
  • Footwear must consist of non-metal spike golf shoes or soft soled shoes.
  • Logos on clothing must be discreet.


9 Hole Rates (Restricted to After 3pm) Green Fee  1/2 Cart
Regular Guest  $50.00 $14.00
Junior  $17.00 $14.00

Driving Range

1 Small (approx 30 balls) $7.00 (tax included)
1 Large (approx 60 balls) $9.50 (tax included)

Tournament Rates

For Tournament Bookings & Rates, Call the Administration Office at 250.542.0151

All items subject to GST & PST